Flour Tortillas and Wraps

Our flour tortillas come in many flavors and sizes, hand stretched and pressed.

Hand Stretched Tortillas

Hand stretched tortillas are the traditional style of Mexican tortillas. These tortillas, prized for being thin, are the tortillas commonly used in Mexican restaurants for burritos. They are not very pliable unless heated. Hand stretched tortillas are perfect for fried salad bowls, quesadillas and chimichangas since they do not puff or blister as much as a pressed tortilla when fried.

Our flour hand stretched tortillas are available in 6”, 8”, 10” and 12” sizes.

Pressed Tortillas

Pressed Tortillas are thicker than hand stretched tortillas and very pliable. The ability to roll them without cracking makes them the preferred tortilla for wraps. They are also great for quesadillas and burritos due to their pliability and ease of use.

Our flour pressed tortillas are available in 4.5”, 6’, 8”, 10”, 12” and 14” sizes.

Whole wheat pressed tortillas are available in 6”, 8”, 10”, 12”and 14” sizes.

Ultra grain pressed tortillas are available in 6”, 8” and 10” sizes.

Flavored flour tortillas

We offer flour tortillas in several specialty flavors.

12” spinach
12” pesto
12” sun-dried tomato
12” chili
12” cheese
12” rosemary, herb and garlic
12” jalapeno
12” pepperoni pizza
12” all natural whole wheat
12” Fiesta Variety Pack #1 includes pesto, sun-dried tomato, cheese, chili and plain
12” Fiesta Variety Pack #2 includes sun-dried tomato, jalapeno, pepperoni pizza, whole wheat and plain 

100% Whole Wheat Flavored Tortillas (Meet the school nutrition requirements of One whole grain per tortilla) 

We offer a variety of 100% whole wheat flour tortillas in the following sizes and flavors.

10” whole wheat spinach
10” whole wheat sun-dried tomato
10” whole wheat cheese
10” whole wheat red chili

Storing and Handling Flour Tortillas

Abuelita flour tortillas are shipped frozen allowing the operator to pull and thaw the tortillas as needed.

  • Store in your freezer for up to 12 months, in a refrigerator for 2 months or room temperature for 30-45 days. (Please check label on box for specifics.)
  • Let tortillas thaw in fridge overnight before use, room temperature is even better.
  • Pressed tortillas can be rolled as cold as 50 degrees but work best when around 95 – 100 degrees.
  • Never microwave flour tortillas to thaw.
  • Use our re-sealable bags to keep fresh.

This is a guideline for optimal conditions.